Tibetan Repousse Pendant

Beads and handmade amulets have been used in every culture all over the world throughout history.  I enjoy uncovering the story that goes along with each object.  Symbolism, gemstone properties, history, mythology, folklore… all of these elements come together to make each piece special.

I love the idea that by carefully choosing from certain gemstones, amulets, ethnic beads & pendants you can create not just a piece of jewelry, but a wearable piece of art that has meaning beyond its beauty.  Whether it offers us a sense of protection, or helps give us confidence, that piece of adornment can also serve as a personal talisman.

I opened Sunstones Beads & Gems in 2006 in Sechelt, BC, Canada. My motivation for opening the store was to be able to provide jewelry designers with a unique selection of beads and pendants from around the world.

We have visitors from far and wide coming through our doors each year and have heard many times that our selection is among the best they’ve seen.

On our online store sunstonesbeads.ca I will present an ever changing and expanding variety of unique items to inspire jewelry designers, jewelry lovers, gemstone enthusiasts and collectors.

Along with the images, my hope is that the stories that go with each piece will help to inspire creativity or lead you to that perfect piece of finished jewelry which seems as though it was made especially for you.

“Jewelry is first and foremost part of a system of magical and religious beliefs…” an excerpt from “A World of Necklaces”, Anna Leurquin.

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